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Sale Sunnies!


Some goodies left over from the last collection! Get your old faves while you can. First come first serve πŸ’‹

  • Red Blythe Sunnies Sold Out
  • White Blythe Sunnies Sold Out
  • Baby Pink Aurora’s (square pink Sunnies) Sold Out
  • White Bonnie Shades (square shades) Sold Out
  • Yellow Pink Lady Shades Sold Out
  • Glitzy Violets in Red Sold Out
  • Glitzy Violets in Black & Blue 100%
  • Pale Pink Drew Shades (oval Sunnies with gold brim) Sold Out
  • Brown Penny Pearls Sold Out
  • Rhinestone Cher Sunnies (brown cat eye Sunnies with rhinestones on the bottom half) Sold Out